About Us

Individualized cleaning services, perfect for you and your home OR business 

Whether weekly, bi- weekly, monthly, one-time, or your own personal schedule...
Our services are customized to each clients' needs. 

Experience has taught us that every home and business is as unique as the people living and working there. 


Our rates for cleaning houses, offices and businesses are fair and competitive.

Integrity and customer service are core values within our business structure.

We are not a large franchise company, so we serve each individual or company with personal service!

We clean service, apartments, condos, small offices and commercial businesses, in addition, we offer window cleaning and rest room cleaning services. Whatever our clients' cleaning needs, we'll meet them!

 Night or day, we'll be there for your business!

No job is too big or too small and every job is customizable to your budget and to your personal needs!